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​When you are faced with a project of a lifetime, why not take advantage of

experience and lessons learned from similar projects and save time, and make

the most of your available funds and resourcesThe savings from lessons learned

will pay for itself!

29 Years of experience at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, Glynco

Georgia, Maryland, New Mexico, Arizona and South Carolina where

each site was developed from abandoned existing facilities and converted to

fully functional Law Enforcement training facilities.

Having experienced most of the mistakes that can be made in projects related

to design, construction, maintenance and operation of Law Enforcement training

facilities, you can benefit from lessons learned.

Incorporation of Lessons Learned early in your project (during development of a business plan) decreases the risk of uniformed decisions taking control of your "once in a lifetime" project.

Experience in planning, estimating, budgeting, design (both in-house

and A-E), construction, operation, and maintenance of law enforcement  

training facilities including driver training, firing ranges (indoor and

outdoor), physical training,  arson and explosives training, general

classrooms, special tactical venues, as well as general administrative

and operational support facilities.

Understanding how facilities used for law enforcement training

differ from standard commercial buildings and understanding the

difference between law enforcement training experts and design

professionals eliminates costly communication mistakes. 

Avoid the consequences of the TWO most expensive and common mistakes/decisions made during design.


Retired Engineer with 29 Years at the US Department of Homeland Security, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Facilities Management Division, Glynco, Georgia

            Project Engineer including 6 years as Chief of Design and Construction

                     3 years as Real Property Officer

            Planning, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance

           Georgia, South Carolina, Maryland, Arizona and New Mexico

Private Sector Design Consultant for multiple Law Enforcement Training projects in Georgia, Florida, Kansas, Texas and Colorado

The design team includes engineers, architects and other subject matter experts with extensive experience in training law enforcement officers. 


Law Enforcement Training Facility Design Consultant